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Title :  Nodata
Lasting :   1,19
User :  
Date of publication :  
Views :   556
Liked :   303
Downloaded once :   710

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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

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Comments Nodata

Brian Francois
No tryhards😭😭
Comment from : Brian Francois

zluqo ッ
Comment from : zluqo ッ

David Shin
Sorry 2018 NetJ but fortnite still haven't vaulted the rocket launcher

Comment from : David Shin

levi cox
i need to get better at the game
Comment from : levi cox

Rahul Gogate
best skin and pickaxe ever
Comment from : Rahul Gogate

Was he high when he said the pistol was OP?!
Comment from : V

man i like you, and sub :) u could to be player of xbox, for we play together
Comment from : RD

Nikolai Jensen
This is me after school on a friday.
Comment from : Nikolai Jensen

Hustle T.I.D.
I think those guys were teaming at around the 12 minute mark
Comment from : Hustle T.I.D.

Ivan De La Roca
Even though you changed your sensitivity and had trouble at the start... you still ended up destroying everyone else! Good Game netJ!
Comment from : Ivan De La Roca

Carlos Medina
plis plis plis netj what your sensitivity plis 💙
Comment from : Carlos Medina

Allheads we gettin nuthin but head out here boys
I think RPGs have ruined this game
Comment from : Allheads we gettin nuthin but head out here boys

What is your sensitivity?
Comment from : PUPÍLOAW_ YT

Dewey -
same it takes so long to reload
Comment from : Dewey -

Its Spyrl
Me and Netj would be unstoppable
Comment from : Its Spyrl

CTR Jackyboii
I’ve been here since you had like 30 subs do you remember me I used to say in the comments do you wanna play duos my psn is Joshjack05 and I sent you a friend req I think my friend req is still there to be honest
Comment from : CTR Jackyboii

lol wtf is this sensitivity
Comment from : SOnblok

Joel The Goat
The gold scar at the end
Comment from : Joel The Goat

Allheads we gettin nuthin but head out here boys
Also next time you could shoot down your jump pad before jumping and I think you got pinched there in that one spot cause a guy used your jump pad
Comment from : Allheads we gettin nuthin but head out here boys

Allheads we gettin nuthin but head out here boys
I think you have sprint cancels reload switched on I turn mine off for that reason
Comment from : Allheads we gettin nuthin but head out here boys

Any tips for growing a fortnite channel
Comment from : Zfisher

YaBoy Blaze
35K subs bro 💯💯
Comment from : YaBoy Blaze

Hilaire Longwa
10:38 in the sky
Comment from : Hilaire Longwa

Roberto Nieto
Settings net please !!
Comment from : Roberto Nieto

Dang you killed me
Comment from : DribbleCutie

Juan Perez
What’s your sens?
Comment from : Juan Perez

Gotta wait until you spot the 1 at the bottom of the screen
Comment from : Massiah

Jordan Gaon
Do you connect your keyboard and mouse to your console?
Comment from : Jordan Gaon

#netfam jslntc here brother
Comment from : luquinha524

Rose Nick
3:45 definition of a kid who begs their mom for the full battle pass lol
Comment from : Rose Nick

Take off sprint cancels reloading
Comment from : Ryze

MSK_globalslim YT
NetJ why did you ban me from your channel on Twitch?
Comment from : MSK_globalslim YT

Titu Pawar
What is tour setting?ads and scope?
Comment from : Titu Pawar

Settings please Netj !
Comment from : Hallo123

Ezzy ¿
Your good
Comment from : Ezzy ¿

What sensiviy do u have on this video
Comment from : XaquiinX_

tapp P
Tonight Stream ?👀
Comment from : tapp P

Paulo temido Júnior O destruidor de heresias
Netj boy the legend !
Comment from : Paulo temido Júnior O destruidor de heresias

Paulo temido Júnior O destruidor de heresias
I loved this thumbnail ! Lets go ! To create space is life !
Comment from : Paulo temido Júnior O destruidor de heresias

AYYY NetJ #1 Ps4 Player
Comment from : XerxyFN XGN

Lewis Cain
Comment from : Lewis Cain

Katz Sloth
Comment from : Katz Sloth

Bryce Jefferson
NetJ the goat
Comment from : Bryce Jefferson

Rose :3
Comment from : Rose :3

Comment from : rsss

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